Microwave Radiometer


During the preparation and execution of this experiment you will get a basic comprehension of the most important ideas and quantities of a heterodyne radiometer. The setup contains all essential components of a heterodyne detector system as it is widely used in radioastronomy, e.g. inside the 3 m KOSMA radio telescope or any other (millimeter and submillimeter) telescope. Hence, this experiment is thematically closely linked to projects of our institute.


The tutorial may be downloaded here in PDF format or alternatively be obtained personally from the assistant.


Recommended reading

  • Hachenberg, O., Vowinkel, B.: Technische Grundlagen der Radioastronomie, B.I., 1982 – download an excerpt as PDF (3 MB) here!(In German only)
  • Rohlfs, K., Wilson, T.: Tools of Radio Astronomy, 3rdedition, Springer-Verlag 2000
  • Literature from the library of the Physics Institutes (Categories EE and EXP)
  • The functionality of an SIS mixer is also explained on our institute homepage.